Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
28 Weeks Later
28 Days Later: The Aftermath
28 Days Later (comic series)
Type: City
Location: England
Filming location: London

London is the largest urban area in, and the capital of, England and the United Kingdom.

In 28 Days LaterEdit

During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, the Infected had reached and attacked the streets of Central London within a day after the Infection was released in Cambridge. The British Army set up military blockades in London to protect the city against the Infected, but the Infected overran and destroyed the blockades and the military in London was overrun. London soon fell into chaos, and by Day 14, the military and government had apparently abandoned the city. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath) After London was overrun and Great Britain was quarantined, the city London was left largely deserted, except for the Infected. (28 Days Later (film)) Within a month after the outbreak, all of the Infected in London died of starvation.


London on Day 28 of the original outbreak.

Approximately six weeks after the Infected in London had all died, a NATO force led by the US Army entered London. They converted the Isle of Dogs into a Green Zone of security and reconstruction, where they began to rebuild and repopulate, while armed forces decontaminated the rest of London, which remained in ruins. However, twenty-eight weeks after the first outbreak, a Second Outbreak of Infection started in the Green Zone, and the Isle of Dogs was subsequently firebombed in an effort to contain and destroy the Rage Virus.

The US Army decontaminating Central London.

However, a large number of Infected avoided the Code Red firebombing of the Green Zone and escaped into the ruined London, respreading the Virus. In response, the US Army vented poisonous gas and sent soldiers with flamethrowers into the city to exterminate the surviving Infected. (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series))

It is unknown whether the US Army was able to wipe out the remaining Infected and take back London, or if the Infected overran the ruined city. However, London's desolate state would suggest the latter outcome.


  • In one shot in 28 Days Later, Big Ben's clock face reads 8:15, but in another shot it reads 6:40; in the 28 Days Later comics, it reads 9:40, and in 28 Weeks Later, it reads 10:03. Without anyone in London to monitor and control the clock in the aftermath of the outbreak of Rage, these changes in time on Big Ben should not have been there.