Portrayed by: Stuart McQuarrie
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
Profession: British Army sergeant
Nationality: British (Scottish)
Category: Uninfected
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Jones

Sergeant Farrell was Major Henry West's second-in-command. He was executed for attempting to help Jim, Hannah and Selena escape.


During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Farrell was among the soldiers sent to cover the Forty-Second Blockade protecting Manchester, defending it against repeated Infected attacks. However, the Infected eventually overran the blockade and entered the city, killing all the soldiers at the blockade except for nine, including Farrell.

Farrell and the other surviving men, led by Major Henry West, fled to the Worsley House in the forest, which they fortified against attack with mines, tripwires, barbed wire and barricades. On Day 23 of the outbreak, West made a promise to his men that any female survivors they found would be forced into sexual slavery.

28 Days Later (film)Edit

Thirty-one days into the outbreak, several of the soldiers - including Farrell - found Jim, Selena and Hannah at the blockade. Farrell drove them back to the Worsley House, where they were taken in by Major West and his men. The following night, Farrell was present at dinner among the soldiers and survivors. When they soldiers began arguing about the state of normality, Farrell expressed an opinion that the extinction of humanity by the Rage Virus would in fact be a return to normality for the planet.


Farrell in the body dump site, about to be executed.

When the Worsley House then came under attack by the Infected, Farrell fended the hordes off with the other soldiers. Afterwards, when Mitchell tried to force himself on Selena, Farrell shouted for Mitchell to stop and hit him before Major West came in. Shortly after, Farrell tried to defend Jim, Selena and Hannah from the other soldiers, prompting the soldiers to overwhelm Farrell and beat him up. Afterwards, he was imprisoned in the mansion cellar with Jim to be executed the next morning. Farrell theorized to himself that night that the outbreak was not worldwide, and that Britain had been quarantined while the rest of the world was continuing normally.

The next day, Mitchell and Jones took Jim and Farrell to the body dump in the woods to be executed. Mitchell wanted to kill Farrell by maiming him with a bayonet, but Farrell got Jones to shoot him dead before Mitchell had the chance.


Unlike Major West's other soldiers, Farrell appeared to keep to himself, and was disgusted by West's plans to force the rescued women into sexual servitude. He appeared to have little morals over killing or attacking, but did not take pleasure in it like most of the other soldiers. He also had a strong dislike for Mitchell and West, and was disgusted by Mitchell's brutal and cruel treatment of others.

Farrell was also visibly angry and jealous that the rest of the world was continuing normally while the former and everyone else in Britain were regularly fighting for survival. Towards the end, he expressed his disgust towards Mitchell and spit in his face before he was shot dead by Jones.


  • Farrell stated that The Simpsons was his favourite TV programme, saying that his favourite joke from the series was one in which the character Smithers claimed that women and semen don't mix, to which Mr. Burns replied that everyone knew what Smithers thinks.
  • Assuming Farrell is a 'veteran' soldier, it is likely he is the oldest man in Major West's unit. His actor Stuart McQuarrie was born in 1963, meaning he may be in his late thirties by the time of 28 Days Later.
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