"Step One: Kill the Infected. Step Two: Containment. If containment fails... Step Three: Extermination."
Scarlet explains the stages of Code Red.


London is firebombed in Code Red.

Code Red was a military protocol for the US Army to use against the Infected, should a Second Outbreak of the Rage Virus occur in London.


The first step of Code Red is to lock down the affected area, closing off all routes of escape. Next, the military lock all of the uninfected populace in safe rooms to protect them against the threat of the roaming Infected. If the first step fails, the Army proceed to kill the Infected and save those who escape infection. The third and final step is the extermination of all life (infected or not), as there is no way to contain the Rage Virus' rate of infection.

If the outbreak cannot be contained and controlled, the U.S. military will firebomb the whole of District One, in order to cease the advance of any Infected or any unfortunate civilians caught in the way. Another step in the Code Red order is the use of a deadly gas to wipe out the remaining Infected in London who may have escaped or survived in the lockdown area. (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series))


  • F-15E Strike Eagles are seen dropping napalm bombs, to wipe out the Infected in London. However, in real life, the Air Cavalry, who were mentioned by Flynn as the ones responsible for the firebombing, use helicopters.