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Portrayed by: Luke Mably
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
Profession: British Army private
Nationality: British
Category: Infected
Status: Unknown; possibly deceased
killed in deleted scene
Cause of death: Unknown; presumably of starvation
Shot and killed by Henry West in deleted scene

Private Clifton was a soldier under Major Henry West's command. He was infected by Mailer.


During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Clifton was among the soldiers sent to cover the Forty-Second Blockade protecting Manchester, defending it against repeated Infected attacks. However, the Infected eventually overran the blockade and entered the city, killing all the soldiers at the blockade except for nine, including Clifton.

Clifton and the other surviving men, led by Major Henry West, fled to the Worsley House in the forest, which they fortified against attack with mines, tripwires, barbed wire and barricades. On Day 23 of the outbreak, West made a promise to his men that any female survivors they found would be forced into sexual slavery.

28 Days Later (film)Edit

Thirty-one days into the outbreak, Jim, Selena and Hannah arrived at the Worsley House and were taken in by Major West and his men. The following night, Clifton was present at the dinner among the soldiers and new survivors.

The next day, when the soldiers were preparing Hannah and Selena for sexual slavery, Clifton forcefully stripped Selena with Bedford until Selena convinced him to let her and Hannah dress in privacy. Moments later, Clifton caught Selena giving Hannah sleeping pills.


Infected Clifton.

The following night, Clifton, Mitchell and Jones guarded Selena and Hannah in the Worsley House's living room, while Major West and Private Davis searched for Jim at the blockade. When the infected Mailer was freed by Jim, he broke into the mansion's living room through a window and attacked Clifton; vomiting infected blood in his face and thus infecting him. The infected Mailer and Clifton then went on a rampage in the Worsley House; attacking and ripping Bedford apart in the cellar's cookery, following Jim through the Worsley House, and brutally attacking Bell in the mansion's old nursery.

Clifton's fate is unknown, but he most likely died of starvation at some later point.


Like most of the other soldiers, Clifton did not disagree with Major West's plan to force the female survivors they rescued into sexual slavery. However, he also appeared to be slightly less cruel than most of his fellow soldiers; as he did not treat Hannah or Selena as harshly or cruelly as Bedford or Mitchell, and he also at one point showed some sorrow at how traumatic sexual slavery would be for Hannah.

Like Farrell, Clifton also appeared to mostly keep to himself. Clifton also regularly smoked and frequently wore an Army Issue cold weather hat, of which he was apparently fond.


  • In an alternate scene, the infected Clifton was shot and killed by Major West after the latter returned to the Worsley House.
  • It is rumoured that according to the extras of the 28 Days Later DVD, Clifton was Major West's favourite soldier.
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