Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
28 Days Later: The Aftermath
Type: Research facility
Location: Cambridge
Filming location:
The Cambridge Primate Research Centre was a facility located in Cambridge, and was where the Rage Virus was developed.


When scientists Clive and Warren - who were trying to develop an anger inhibitor with which to end domestic and urban rage worldwide - decided to test their inhibitor on chimpanzees, they exposed chimps at the Primate Research Centre to the anger inhibitor, using the Ebola Virus as a delivery system. Over the course of two weeks, isolated genomes in the Ebola Virus reacted to the inhibitor, and mutated it into the Rage Virus. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath)

Disgusted by what he and Warren had created, Clive quit on the spot. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath) Later that night, several activists of the Animal Freedom Front broke into the facility, and, despite the warnings of a scientist, the activists released one of the infected chimps. The chimp infected one of the activists before being killed, and the infected activist attacked and presumably infected the other activists and the scientist. (28 Days Later (film))

The Rage Virus then began to spread from the Research Centre throughout Cambridge, and eventually the whole of mainland Great Britain.


  • In an alternate scene from 28 Days Later, the Primate Research Centre was located near the Forty-Second Blockade northeast of Manchester, in the place of the Worsley House.
  • It is unknown if either the government of Britain, or the later US forces discovered the source of the Original Outbreak.

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